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True Protection from Life’s Pandemics

The onset of the Covid pandemic has created much turmoil, difficulties, and challenges in the world. Some people have experienced economic hardship whilst others endure poor health and the loss of their loved ones. In some cases, the virus has restricted our physical movements, keeping us away from work, family, and friends. When we experience these trials in our lives, there is a tendency to feel discouraged, lonely, and abandoned. However, the prevailing circumstances also provide us with a unique opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the teachings of the Saints.

The world has always experienced pandemics, problems, and strife. During the Great Master’s time, Rai Sahib Munshi Ram wrote that in more than 90 percent of the letters received by the Great Master, there were complaints about illness, poverty, or the death of a relative or dear one. The reply to those letters was that whatever happens in our lives is due to our past actions and that we must go within to experience the grace, mercy and protection of the Master.1

Saints remind us that the Master’s Shabd form is always with us and is protecting us at every moment.2 Hazur Maharaj Ji expanded on the protection that we receive from the Master on the path of spirituality. He said that the true protection given by the Master is to take charge of the soul so that it can shine and go back to the Father. The Master takes care of our soul so that it does not have to return to this creation.3 We are therefore so fortunate and blessed to be receiving the protection of the Master in the midst of the strife and pandemic in this creation.

It is due to the grace of the Lord that saints come into the creation to remind us that this world is not our true home. Saints provide us with the key to escape from this creation so that we can return to Sach Khand, our true home. Comforted by the inner protection of the Shabd Master, we must endeavour to put in our best effort in all worldly trials and difficulties. Hazur Maharaj Ji said that:

There are always ups and downs in life. Things never remain the same and we should try to face these moments of trial with patience and courage, keeping full faith in Him. Our destiny is already marked out according to our past actions and we have to undergo this in any case. It is our duty to make an effort to overcome our difficulties and solve our problems.4

We can draw strength and inspiration from these comforting words of Hazur Maharaj Ji. He lovingly advised us that the solution to the pandemics and strife in our lives lies in taking hold of the master’s inner protection, attending to our meditation, and devoting ourselves to the practice of Shabd. Our refuge lies in finding solace in the Shabd and putting in our best efforts to improve our situation in life. The Great Master also highlighted the importance of seeking the inner protection of the Shabd, irrespective of our circumstances in life. He said:

In whatever walk or circumstances of life we find ourselves placed, we should endeavour our best to earn our living honestly, discharge our duties faithfully, live a healthy moral life, willingly put up with our fate, and devote ourselves to the practice of Shabd, so that our past account is settled and our future is along the path of the Sound Current, which leads us to our spiritual home.5

Our current circumstance in life can be compared to an old kettle that has never been cleaned; the layers of dirt grow around it and make it appear to be dirty.6 When the kettle is thoroughly cleaned, its true quality and brightness will appear again. Its beauty was there all along but it was simply hidden and concealed. In this analogy, the dirt around the kettle represents our karma from past actions. The scrubbing is our meditation and the detergent that we use to scrub is the Shabd. We can overcome our karmas with the inner protection of the Master and utilize the Shabd to scrub them away. It is by the grace of the Master that we have been given a strong detergent to scrub our soul. Once we have cleansed ourselves our divinity will shine. Soami Ji explained this process of receiving the Master’s inner protection to overcome the effects of our karma and return to our true home. He wrote:

My friend, apply yourself to the practice of Shabd and defeat Kal with the might of Shabd. Reach the harbour of Shabd in your own heart and see your beloved, whose real form is Shabd – nothing but Shabd. Shabd will repeal the decree of karma. Guru’s Shabd will unite you with the primal Shabd.7

So let us make the most of this current birth by being receptive to the gracious and loving inner protection afforded by the Master. Let us attend to our meditation to develop the strength to rise above the effect of any pandemic in life so that our soul may reach divine attainment and merge with its Shabd source.

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