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Disaster Relief

RSSB Leh Relief – Multi-purpose shed with wet and dry toilet block (functional in winter and summer).

Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) actively supports disaster relief efforts wherever necessary. If possible, RSSB quickly responds with lifesaving donations of food, water, shelter, clothing, and medical care. Once these immediate needs are met, focus shifts to shelter to provide housing for displaced families and to school construction to ensure the continuity of education for schoolchildren. The earthquake-resistant structure designed by the RSSB engineers, and first used in Gujarat, has served as a prototype that has been replicated for multipurpose sheds used as housing and schools in other disaster stricken areas in Kashmir, Ladakh and Nepal. RSSB, working through its local centres in each area, donated all goods and services, manufactured construction materials, and mobilized thousands of volunteers (sevadars) to carry out all disaster relief activities and construction projects. While the RSSB organization may receive recognition for helping with these disasters, all credit must be given to the volunteers who, at great inconvenience to themselves, work night and day in difficult conditions to help people whom they don’t even know. This is the ultimate act of selfless service as taught by the Masters. As Maharaj Charan Singh taught, “The greatest reward in seva (service) is the contentment and happiness that you feel within, that you get an opportunity to serve someone.”


On April 25, 2015, Nepal was hit by one of the largest earthquakes on record, causing extensive devastation in Kathmandu and surrounding areas affecting eight million people.
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Leh, Ladakh

On August 5-6, 2010, Leh was hit by flash floods, causing massive mud slides and destruction of housing and infrastructure. Many people were left homeless and hundreds were killed.
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Jammu and Kashmir

On October 8, 2005, a devastating earthquake hit the Uri/Tangdhar area of District Kupwara in Kashmir causing loss of life and rendering many people homeless.
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On January 26, 2001, a massive earthquake struck the state of Gujarat killing 20,000 people and destroying thousands of houses and other structures.
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