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Below are English language satsangs mostly given by guests at the Dera's International Guest House.

  1. I Will Show You My Form
  2. Die While Living
  3. The Subject Tonight Is Love
  4. Feeding the Flame of Love
  5. Death
  6. My Satguru
  7. Two Faces of Creation
  8. In the Stream of the Friend
  9. Stillness and Balance
  10. Patience
  11. Denial and Acceptance
  12. Love Defined
  13. Very Beauteous Is the Body-Bride
  14. A Hero’s Journey
  15. The Secret of Attention
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  1. Trusting Mystery
  2. Rumi on Meditation
  3. Freedom from Misconceptions
  4. Ancient Myths, Modern Mystics
  5. Be Doers of the Word
  6. Going to the Giver
  7. Love (Bhakti)
  8. The Purpose of Life
  9. How To Be a True Sevadar
  10. Look into the Darkness
  11. Doubt
  12. Illusion
  13. Sticking to God's Plan
  14. Cinderella and the Dead Parrot
  15. Don't Worship the Physical
  16. Innocent as a Child
  17. Rebuilding Our Platforms
  18. True Grit
  19. Wonder
  20. Simplicity
  21. Living in the Will of the Lord
  22. Habits -The Stockholm Syndrome
  23. Devotion and Love
  24. Search for a True Guru
  25. Nothing Else Matters
  26. A Clear Mission
  27. The Red Carpet
  28. Thankful Beyond Words
  29. Remembering
  30. Dream or Reality
  31. Our Heart with His
  32. I Love You
  33. Human Being
  34. Remembering our Objective
  35. Listening
  36. I Know the Way You Can Get
  37. Becoming Conscious
  38. Commitment
  39. Attachments
  40. Diamonds
  41. Meditation is Medicine
  42. Stay Close
  43. The Spiritual Journey
  44. Forget Your Perfect Offering
  45. Intellect and Rationality in Spirituality
  46. Longing for Love
  47. Prescription for Life
  48. We All Have So Much in Common

The essays below are personal reflections by various people.

  1. In a Dark Wood
  2. Man is a God in Ruins
  3. The Use of Our Extra Time
  4. The Quest for Health
  5. Rumi in the Time of COVID-19
  6. What’s Important in Life?
  7. Who Is Pushing Our Swing
  8. Time
  9. No Better Time
  10. Live Life As Life Lives Itself
  11. Touch of Grace
  12. All Dressed Up and Ready to Dance
  13. What, me worry?
  14. Wake Up
  15. Self-Reflection in Times of Disruption
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  1. Love is a Verb
  2. The Joy of Solitude
  3. Love Reigns Supreme
  4. Responding to Stress
  5. Use It to Go to God
  6. Beyond Judgment
  7. The Gift of Fear
  8. Something Is Missing
  9. Butter, Rope, $20, and Happiness
  10. The Wisdom of the Virus
  11. A Change of Perspective
  12. Do We Need a Minister of Loneliness?
  13. The Meaning of Satsang
  14. What Is Our Perspective on Life?
  15. Transforming Prison Into a Refuge
  16. Happiness Is Available Right Now
  17. Shabd Amrit Dhara
  18. Time and Opportunity
  19. Thoughts from Lockdown
  20. The Coronavirus and Karma Theory
  21. The World Has Come to a Full Stop
  22. Dera’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
  23. Advice from the Masters in Times of Upheaval
  24. Why Be Vegetarian?
  25. Cults, Gurus, Religions, and Misconceptions
  26. Making Sense of Being Human
  27. A Spiritual Perspective
  28. Mysticism and the Search for Truth
  29. One Spiritual Family
  30. Running from Death, Longing for Love
  31. Finding Peace and Happiness At Last