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RSSB / SOS Data Privacy Policy

Do we collect your private data? Why?
We only collect data for the purpose of fulfilling our objectives including the dissemination of the teachings of Sant Mat; initiation applications; arranging accommodation and travel for satsang programmes; arranging seva projects; and communicating with satsangis concerning these matters.

Some of the personal data collected may be shared with RSSB international affiliates. Relevant personal data may be sent to hotels for the purpose of booking hotel accommodation. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Which data do we record?

How long do we keep your data?
Initiation data is kept indefinitely as part of the archived records of RSSB. All other data is kept only while relevant for the purpose for which it was provided. On a triennial basis, data which is no longer relevant, is erased.

Do we share your data with others?
No, we never share your private data with any third party without your consent.

At any time, you have the right to request access to, rectification of or erasure of your data. You may object to processing of your data and you may request a restriction on the processing of your data. To exercise any of your rights, make a written request and send it to RSSB or to your local RSSB affiliated society. RSSB will respond within one month of the request. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time by advising RSSB of such withdrawal. You have the right to complain to the relevant data protection supervisory agency in the country in which you reside

What happens in case of a personal data breach
Any personal data breach which may cause harm will be reported to the relevant data protection supervisory agency in the country in which you reside. All reasonable steps to mitigate any harm will be promptly undertaken.

Please note that RSSB is a society in India. The European Commission has not made an adequacy decision under the General Data Protection Regulation with respect to India and, therefore, data subjects residing in the EU may be exposed to higher risks concerning their data and the adequacy of safeguards for their data if they decide to consent to the processing of their data by RSSB.