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Q & A with GSD

These videos of Baba Ji answering questions are published by Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB). Complete Playlists:

RSSB Spiritual Discourses

These satsangs given by Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh in Punjabi language are approximately 60-90 minutes in length. Hazur covers all the important themes to inspire the sangat (congregation) to continue their efforts in meditation. He enjoins us to understand the purpose of life and the importance of seeing past this temporary, illusionary world and focus our attention on what is permanent.

Inspirational Thought

These short video clips starting with Video 017 are quotations taken mostly from the RSSB books and are intended to give an “inspirational thought” that we can all reflect on. Each video appears in an English version and a Hindi version with both Hindi & Punjabi subtitles.

Videos 001-016 are a mix of English-language videos taken from Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh’s Question & Answer sessions with English-speaking disciples, and the Punjabi-language videos are taken from Hazur Maharaj Ji’s Punjabi satsangs. Both language videos have English and Hindi subtitles.

Movie Clips

Movie Clips are short excerpts taken from existing RSSB movies, such as: The Enigma of Love, Seva of Love, Hazur Maharaj Ji’s tour videos, etc. Each clip varies in duration. These short movie clips present a treasure of historical footage, dynamic scenes of the Dera, and inspiring messages from the Masters, reflecting their boundless love for their disciples.

Selected Shabads with Translation in E/H/P

These shabads are hymns or spiritual poems written by saints and mystics from different spiritual traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The shabads convey a deep message of truth and are sung with heartfelt devotion. They express the intense longing of the soul for union with the Lord. These songs of devotion are prayers that inspire the true seeker to turn inwards to contact the ultimate Truth – the inner divine music that reverberates within every being.

RSSB Animated Videos

These Animated Videos are adaptations of RSSB books or stories taken from RSSB books. These videos impart moral and spiritual lessons. More animated videos are planned to be released over time.

RSSB Documentaries

These documentary videos give the viewer an in-depth look into the philosophy and activities of Radha Soami Satsang Beas. The videos span a long period of time and were filmed in many countries. You can see the many roles the Master has to fill – as teacher, friend, tourist, and as the architect of the large infrastructure of the entire RSSB organization.

RSSB Medical & Social Awareness Programs

Videos are in Hindi with English Subtitles.

These short videos are played at the large satsang gatherings (spiritual discourses) in India before the start of the discourse. Literally millions of people have seen these videos. Most rural Indians are unaware of these social programs and conditions or have a wrong understanding of them. There are many superstitious views concerning organ donation or even receiving a donated organ. Using drama and fictional stories that all can relate to, these videos attempt to explain these issues in a simple way and dispel the misunderstandings and superstitions surrounding these social problems.

These videos are also available on the RSSB YouTube Channel