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Come, Let Us Meet Love in an Instant

Good morning, this is God! I will be handling all of your problems today.
I will not need your help. So, have a good day!1

Yes indeed, a good day, as Baba Ji daily invites all of us to build a relationship with the Lord and never let go of his hand. If we enjoy our time with him, we will be building a relationship with the Lord!

The die has been cast and the invitation has been sent for a relationship with the Lord! Let us take his hand! Let us go and greet him on the field of his Love where we can commune with him in an instant.

It is said that the language of mystics is Love and they come fully embodied as love. Mystics say, “The path of love is therefore the highest, so much so that God himself is Love.”2 Yes, “God is Love,”3 and “Love is the most powerful and effective of all practices to meet the Lord. It is the only method by which one can attain communion with him in an instant.”4 In an instant, no less!

And why not? We have been endlessly drifting in the ocean of his Love! And so, for all of us, his Love is life itself! Like Rumi, how our soul longs to be free and to belong exclusively to the emperor of souls intoxicated by love.

“True love cannot come without the Master.”5 Love is the consciousness of all mystics. Presently, we have a limited knowledge of this Love-consciousness, but when we read the words of the mystics or when we are in the Master’s presence, we are ever so eager to learn more about this palpable essence. There is a familiarity – a resonance – which strikes a chord deep within us and which enlivens us with hope! And we start to get a glimpse of a spiritual reality through those beings who embody the elixir of Love. They advise us: “The essence of all paths to God-realization is love. It is the most powerful and the sublimest of all paths. The seeker will never reach his destination without love within him.”6

Dare we even think of the possibility of loving him? What are our possibilities? “Love is beyond all limits.”7 How can we mere mortals love the Limitless? “Love permeates every pore of the lover.”8 And yet, what do we know of love? How do we love the Infinite? How to reach the Sublime? How do we love God? How do we make that leap? How do we even start?

It is easy! We can do it! It is a small leap plus a small portion of the love that we can muster. We can start small and it will build on its own, for Love is a dynamic force. Love is self-generating. Love is an experience felt as it surrounds and embraces us in a cocoon of love.

If our hearts are touched and softened by dear loved ones, a pet, or a beautiful sunset, it means we are not devoid of love. We can channelize that energy of love – no matter in what portion – channelize it directly to the eye center and sit in that loving space with Master, as our inner smile softens and soothes us ever so sweetly. That is enough magic to make it happen! It is very simple and very effective. We do have love! If we desire to meet him on the field of his Love, love is our means to bypass all other systems and meet him in an instant. We can be an active participant with Love in our meditation. As Baba Ji has told us, it’s wonderful if we enjoy the time that we spend building a relationship with the Lord.

“There is only one God and we are all expressions of his love.”9 Our conscious attention is our love. In Philosophy of the Masters, Great Master defines our soul as “conscious attention.” And so, that means love is the key to everything! Love can bypass the mind! The mind cannot conquer the mind, but love can cut through it like a knife through butter. The mind has no defense when faced with love. That is why Master is so powerful. His whole being is Love! He is that weapon – the weapon of Love! Even if we could multiply Love by infinity and take it to the depths of forever, we would still barely have a glimpse of the Love spiritual masters have for the Lord.

Huzur Maharaj Ji said, “Meditation creates love. It strengthens love. It deepens love. It grows love. Ultimately, it illuminates you and it makes you God. That’s all meditation.”10

We do not have the words to convey the love Master has for us. I don’t even know if we have the depth of understanding to realize what that love is. And if we could even understand just a small portion of the depth of his love, then perhaps, perhaps we may have an inkling of the debt of gratitude that we owe to him.

But we can start small, as he says – we should build a relationship with the Lord and never let go of His hand. We have a daily invitation to meet with the emissary of Love. Let us give our love to the one who already owns our very breath and our precious moments. Let us sit in our daily meditation with those loving simple instructions to build a relationship with the Lord and never let go of His hand. So come, let us meet love in an instant!

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