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The World Has Come to a Full Stop

The world has come to a full stop.

Baba Ji has told us to make the best use of the current time. Let’s follow Baba Ji’s advice and use this time to become spiritually strong. We all know that meditation is the seva that pleases Baba Ji the most. Now that we must stay at home, and before everything returns to its usual hectic pace, let’s use this time to meditate more.

Each one of us can adapt her or his own routine to fit one, two or three formal sittings of meditation a day. Be practical about how much time you give to each session. It’s better to make a realistic plan that we can really stick to. Slow and steady works much better. The important thing is that in these exceptional times, we add a meditation session to our daily routine. Whatever time we can give is enough. But make it happen.

In Spirtual Letters, Baba Jaimal Singh says: “If the mind attaches the inner hearing and seeing faculties to the Shabd-dhun for an hour, a half-hour, a quarter-hour, or for ten, five or even one minute, even then you will reach Sach Khand.” If you are able to keep your attention in the Sound, even if it is for one minute, for that minute, you have taken your consciousness up above the realm of thinking and into the higher, formless, Shabd-consciousness. This is how we turn from the person that we are now into our higher Shabd-consciousness.

Baba Sawan Singh describes our real “form” as “a shining light – a formless radiant divine energy that does not belong to this physical plane.” In Die to Live, Maharaj Charan Singh says: “Ultimately, you become pure soul, without form and shape, and the soul just merges into the Shabd.”

Make room for an extra meditation session to become familiar with your own Shabd-guru. Always begin with simran, but never forget to listen to the Sound. The inner Sound is the Shabd-Guru.

In Spiritual Letters, Baba Jaimal Singh writes: “The Sound of the Shabd-dhun that comes from our original home, from the wonderous Anami Radha Soami, is the true form of the Satguru.” By listening to the inner Sound we become familiar with the Shabd-guru. Keeping the attention focused on the inner Sound is the spiritual breakthrough that takes us into a higher level of consciousness beyond thinking.

Baba Ji often tells us that whatever Sound we hear within, that is the one to work with. Don’t think that because we don’t hear a loud, thunderous or melodious inner Sound, our spiritual practice is lacking. In Die to Live, Maharaj Charan Singh says: “Any Sound that you hear in the beginning always has a purifying effect on the soul. Even the echo of the Sound has a purifying effect on the soul. Every internal Sound of any stage has a purifying effect on the soul.”

“Any inner Sound that we hear in the beginning has a purifying effect on the soul” means that the Sound, no matter how dim it is, has the power to detach us from the world, to take our fears away and to attach us to the highest Consciousness.

Let it do its cleansing, its detaching. All you have to do is become receptive to the Sound. You don’t have to do anything. Just be receptive to the Sound. That is the first step in becoming familiar with the Shabd-guru. That Sound we hear, no matter how slight, is very important.

Soami Ji writes in Sar Bachan Poetry: “Tie the thread of your consciousness to Shabd so the door to the Lord’s court is opened to you. You will be rid of the mire of lust and anger when you bathe in the pure stream of Shabd.”

Constant contact with the Sound will transform our life, making it more peaceful and joyful. In the Bible, the prophet Zephaniah is quoted praising God: “He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zeph. 3:17)

Rise above fear by putting your attention in the Sound. When thought waves do not arise, a higher level of consciousness is experienced. As long as the thought waves have not been stilled, we cannot go deep within, where we can get peace of mind.

Shabd meditation is the practice of going above the thought current and into the Sound Current. In Sar Bachan Poetry, Soami Ji says: “In my domain there is only the One, Satnam, and thought has no place there at all.”

Shabd-consciousness is beyond any mental constructs, ideas or thoughts. Shabd-consciousness cannot be described in words. That’s why mystics just point to the spiritual experience. How could anyone describe the moment when the mind is still and our consciousness is in a state of deep contemplation, absorbed in Shabd-consciousness?

Shabd consciousness is always within, far from the madding crowd, basking in its own infinite, glorious, ringing radiance.

Alone in Majesty.
Endless Light.
Eternal Bliss.
Love Supreme.

And it’s there, available to us. Total attention in the Sound allows us to experience that we are pure consciousness without shape or form, made of Sound and light.

To experience this inner Light and Sound, Baba Ji advises us that during meditation, once we locate the inner Sound or buzz, we should hold on to it for as long as we can.

The daily practice of putting the attention in the Sound generates detachment from the drama of the world and acceptance of our karma. Detachment from the world gives us peace.

Acceptance of our karma brings a peaceful resignation and a joyful state of mind. The more peace of mind we have, the more balanced and wholesome we become. The first step in becoming wholesome again and making the best use of this incredible opportunity is to pay attention to the inner Sound.

When our attention is completely absorbed in the Sound, we will have reached the highest level of consciousness available to human beings. From then on, consciousness rises on its own, and there are no words to describe that state of consciousness.

Dropping everything else, become receptive to the Sound. Nothing else is needed. In simran we talk; in bhajan we listen, we become receptive to the Shabd guru.

Allow the Sound to manifest.

Immerse your attention in the inner Sound. Develop receptivity for the inner Sound. Learn to be in the Sound. Have its darshan.

In the presence of the Sound, there is no talking.
Contemplation is the conversation.
Let consciousness contemplate on Consciousness.
Rest your fear in the Sound…
peace is there.

In Spiritual Letters Baba Jaimal Singh writes:

…at every moment the Shabd-dhun is resounding in your body. This is the Sound – the Creator of all. It has brought forth everything and by giving support has made everything exist. This Sound, the life and breath of all… is calling you in the form of the Shabd-dhun within your body. Keep alert to the Sound of the Dhun within. Lots of grace and mercy are being showered upon you.