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Honest Living

A Means to an End

By M. F. Singh

The spiritual perspective
The law of cause and effect: the imperative for moral living

The Invisible Prison
Who is in charge?
Empowering the mind and freeing the soul
Ignorance: the prison of our soul
Our thoughts and actions – the prison walls
We alone have to account for our actions
Living dishonestly – cementing our prison walls
Material or spiritual: a question of priorities
Hypocrisy – the dishonourable companion of greed
A disturbed mind: we are the wardens of our own prison
The extreme subtleties of the law
A rare and precious opportunity missed
What is right action?

The Way Forward
The transforming power of right action
Facing in the right direction: the positive way
An honest livelihood
Sailing with the winds of contentment and detachment
Charity supports detachment
Contentment, self-surrender and joy
The saints: the mirrors of truth
The battle of life
The saints live among us
The transformation


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