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Radha Soami constructing sheds in earthquake affected districts

(Yug Bichar magazine, Nepal) – In the history of Nepal, Hindu, Muslim, Kirant, Shaiva, Christian, Jain religions has their own different views and values. The crux of all religion 'Propkar Punyaya Papaya Para Pidanam' the words of Bhagavat is followed by all religions. It is the duty of we all to help the victims of natural disasters. In the present time, all individuals and institutions have been directly and indirectly helping to the people affected by Baishakh 12 earthquake. In this context, Radha Somai Satsang Beas which is impartial and not connected to any religion, remaining within the ideals of knowledge of souls, good behavior, noble thoughts, has practically helped to the victims of Baishakh 12 earthquake by providing food items, cloths as well as constricting and handed over sheds in earthquake affected districts.

Its head office is in Samakhusi Kathmandu, and regional committees are at 6 different places. There are 70 Satsang Places operating under this head office and regional committees.

For Nepal its Chairman is Mr. Siddha Bahadur Baniya, Central Secretary Mr. Dal Bahadur Shrestha and Central Treasurer Mr. Murnan Singh Karki. There are other 6 ex-officio members and Area Secretaries. In the very badly affected districts, 19 earthquake resistance sheds have been constructed and handed over and construction work is in progress in other 8 places.

Radha Soami Satsang Beas conducting Satsang for Knowledge of Soul and God Realization is also teaching regarding vegetarian living, not taking alcohol and honest living while staying at home. After Baishakh 12, 2072 earthquake when our country was facing shortage of proper accommodation for work place, offices, hospitals, schools and residences, it can not be denied that this institution has provided relief up to some extent to the life of Nepali people.

It is felt there is a necessity that Nepal Government should frame suitable guidelines and create friendly environment to facilitate such interested institutions for construction of permanent/semi-permanent types of buildings.