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A boost for beds in Beds

(Bedford Midweek, UK, May 2, 2013) – THERE was no room at the inn, Premier or otherwise last weekend.

Hotel rooms in Bedford and the surrounding areas were booked up by 20,000 visitors to an annual meeting of the Science of the Soul Spiritual Study Centre at Haynes Park.

The town was packed to the rafters by the visitors who had travelled from all over the world including USA, Africa, Canada and Ireland to take part.

The public gathering comprised a weekend of talks by the 'Spiritual Master,' who was visiting the centre from India, to tell the thousands of people about their philosophy and aims.

The Science of the Soul is a registered charity that teaches inner development under the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

It is non-sectarian and incorporates a meditation practice, adherence to a vegetarian diet, . abstinence from intoxicants, and promotes a moral and ethical lifestyle.

The meeting was held in a large tent in the grounds of the 18th century mansion, which has been the organization headquarters since 1992.

The event's website also gave details of local restaurants and eateries where the visitors could enjoy a selection of local fare although it did recommend on the programme's website that it was up to individuals to be vigilant to stay within their vegetarian diet when eating out.

The Swan Hotel Bedford had more than 100 guests from the event staying with them over the weekend.

The hotel's sales manager, Andrew Keen, said: "It was a hectic few days."

"Having this many visitors to our town provides great business for all the local hotels and I think that we can safely say that Bedford was fully booked."

"At the Swan we worked hard to make the guests as welcome as possible and provided a special vegetarian and vegan menu which was approved by the centre prior to the guests arrival." Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Roger French, said: "We had very good feedback from our visitors about the good standard of the hotels and the warm welcomes that they received."

"We are delighted to have made our contribution to giving the town an economic boost during these challenging times."