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Important Information for NRIs Eligible for Initiation and Accommodation at Dera

The Master has graciously opened Dera to NRIs who wish to apply for Naam Daan. This invitation is ONLY for the individuals who are eligible and want Naam Daan. No other members of the NRI sangat are invited to Dera at this time. Please see the brief details below.

For complete information, including Dera Accommodation Information, speak to your local Sangat Secretary or designated Sevadar or to your NRI Accommodations Coordinator.

Travel Note: There are many travel restrictions due to Covid which vary from country to country. India is not issuing or accepting Tourist Visas and many countries have strict quarantine protocols for people returning from India. You are requested to check the travel restrictions & protocols from your country before making a booking.

Guidelines for NRIs seeking Accommodation and Initiation at Dera:

  1. NRIs are permitted to come to Dera ONLY if they are personally seeking Initiation and qualify for Initation according to Dera Guidelines.
  2. Dera is NOT open to the general sangat. Only persons seeking Initiation are permitted to visit Dera.
    No additional family members or friends or other members of the sangat are invited at this time.
  3. NRIs seeking Initiation must apply in advance for Dera Accommodations through their country NRI Accommodation Coordinator as per normal Dera accommodations procedure.
    Walk-ins without confirmed reservations will not be allowed entry into Dera.
  4. Those who wish to stay in a family member’s Allottee house at Dera need to contact the NRI Accom. Coordinator in their country for details on how to obtain permission to stay in an allottee house.
  5. NRIs who have registered with Accommodations and have received their Reservation Advice must report to Dera Accommodations Dept. on arrival and must present a copy of their Reservation Advice.
  6. NRIs must be a minimum of 22 years of age to receive Initiation. However, female applicants must conform to the standard age guidelines for Initiation in India. (See Guidelines below.)

    Requirements for Initiation in India for Applicants of Indian Origin

    • Must be 22 years old.
    • Single males should be either employed or a student
    • Married and husband is initiated must be 22 years old.
    • Married but husband is not initiated must be 25 years old.
    • Unmarried and independent must be 25 years old.
    • Unmarried but dependent must be 27 years old.

  7. NRIs must be fully vaccinated and have an official Vaccination Certificate as proof. A copy of the Vaccination Certificate must also be submitted with the Accommodation request. Please carry a copy with you to Dera to show on admission at Dera and when registering at Accommodations
  8. A copy of RT-PCR Negative report obtained within 72 hours before arrival at Dera is also mandatory and must be shown on admission to Dera.
  9. NRIs are permitted to stay only for a maximum of 15 days, starting with their day of arrival.
    No early arrival or extensions will be entertained.
  10. Dera Accommodation opens on Tuesday, October 26th for NRIs seeking Naam Daan (not before) and visitors must depart within 15 days, starting from their arrival date.
  11. NRIs should arrive no later than Friday, October 29, to allow for Naam Daan registration.
  12. Naam Daan Registration Dates for NRIs are on Saturday & Sunday, October 30 & 31, 2021.
  13. Naam Daan will be held the day after registration is completed.
  14. NRIs are NOT permitted to leave Dera for any reason during their stay, once they have checked-in.
  15. Face masks must be worn at all times at Dera.

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