Brain Death Kya Hai? - What is Brain Death? - RSSB Video

Brain Death Kya Hai? - Hindi with English Subtitles - What is Brain Death?

This short film explains what brain death is, how it differs substantially from coma, and the dilemma faced by the family in deciding what to do next. A comatose patient might regain consciousness, but brain death is Death! No one has ever awakened from brain death. Yet, though a person may have died, his or her organs (including the heart) can be kept alive for a few hours or even days.

The film answers some of the most pertinent questions on this subject: How do we know the Brain has died. If brain death means the patient has died, how and why is the heart still beating? How long will the heart continue to beat? Once death is established, what should the family do next? Should the family wait till their loved one’s heart stops beating? Or should they pledge to donate the organs and save other lives? It is a very difficult and emotional choice to make at that time.

Length: 5:31 minutes
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