Conclusion - Living Meditation


Brave is he who has control over his mind and senses, for the inward progress is in proportion to this control. It is the repetition that brings the mind in, and the Sound Current that pulls it up. Inside us there are inexhaustible treasures. There the Lord himself is with us. Only he who has gone within can appreciate this; others have no idea of it.
Maharaj Sawan Singh

Indulging in thinking prevents us from concentrating our attention at the eye centre and becoming one with Shabd. Ego feeds on this disease and becomes stronger by it. Ego has overtaken our soul like a cancer and wreaks havoc on every aspect of our life. We are spiritually sick, and meditation is the only medication that will cure us. If we don’t take our medication, how can we regain our health?

We keep on talking, reading and discussing the path. Enough has been said. Enough has been written. We can go on talking and reading for the rest of our lives, but talk is cheap and more books will not give us the experience of the saints. Once we have been initiated, we don’t need more books, more discussions, more recordings or more running after the physical form of the Master. We don’t need more concepts. What we need is experience – less information; more transformation. To achieve that vital transformation, the only thing we need to concern ourselves with is our medication – doing our simran as much as we can throughout the day and sitting for meditation every day. If we truly and sincerely practise the method of the Shabd Masters, we will become better human beings, we will experience knowledge of the deathless Self, and we will realize the divine.

The whole purpose of every satsang, of every Sant Mat book and of the Master working so hard for us day in and day out is to give us one simple message: You can do your meditation. You can concentrate better in meditation. You have the strength to do it. Just do it. It’s time to put away the books. Sit down for action and awaken to the Shabd.

The ultimate book on meditation is Die to Live. In closing, let us remember in the loving words of its author, Shabd Master Charan Singh, the importance of doing meditation:

I can tell you one thing: just attend to your meditation. There’s no other way, there’s no other short cut. By attending to meditation you are automatically progressing towards your destination, and you will become another being and lose your identity. Meditation is the only remedy. There’s no other way to lose your identity. When there is so much rust on a knife, the only way to remove it is to rub the knife against the sandstone. Otherwise, the rust won’t go, the knife won’t shine. Mere talk won’t solve your problem; intellectual discussion won’t lead you anywhere. The main thing is practice.

The Lord gives us hunger; the more we attend to meditation, the more hungry we become. When we become hungry, He provides us with food. As Christ said, the harvest is ready. The harvest is always ready, but we have to lift our consciousness to that level where we can collect that harvest…. Just change your way of life according to the teachings and attend to meditation. That is all that is required. From meditation, love will come, submission will come, humility will come. Everything will come.