Endnotes - Living Meditation


Note: Classic texts are referenced by standard citations wherever possible (page, section and/or verse numbers). At times the language of the translations of these classics has been modernized. When the translation of a quotation from a classic has been based on a particular source, the book is given in the bibliography and the translation is noted as “See [source on which translation is based]”.

Dedication Page
Whether the answer to your question…Die to Live, 274:359. Because some readers may not be familiar with the term ‘bhajan and simran’, which Master Charan Singh used in the original quotation, ‘bhajan and simran’ has been translated as ‘meditation’ for this dedication. For definitions of ‘bhajan’ and ‘simran’ see Chapter 1.

As long as you do not die while living… Quoted in Die to Live, 30.

I know those habits that can ruin your life…I Heard God Laughing: Renderings of Hafiz, 15.

Constantly mastering his mind…Bhagavad Gita, VI:15.

The beginning and end of all things…Philosophy of the Masters, vol. 4, 120.

There is a difference between knowing…The Matrix, Warner Brothers Pictures, Los Angeles, 1999. Retrieved 30 October, 2003 from http://www.matrixunplugged.net/matrix. php?page=quotes.

All rivers merge in the Ocean… Indian saying.

Chapter 1: Spiritual beings going through a human experience
This life is but a link…The Science of the Soul, 194:29.

we are spiritual beings… Often attributed to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, but research indicates this is not in his writings.

Indian word ‘Kal’… Kal is the divine or supernatural power that includes both the God of this world and the devil in the same being, a concept that is difficult to grasp for many in the West, as there is little precedent for it in Western tradition. However, a few such references do exist. For instance, we can find the following verse in the Bible: “I form the light and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” (Bible, Isaiah, 45:7) In the spiritual Masters’ order of creation, Kal is this creation’s administrator, arbitrator and officiator, servant of the One, who is the Creator beyond the reach of time. Kal is both the individual mind and the universal mind, the downward tendencies of the mind as well as the mind’s upward tendencies.

In his Radiant Form… Die to Live, 23.

Look upon the world as a bubble…The Dhammapada, 54–55:170–171.

we are so attached to the creation… Noted by Master Charan Singh in Spiritual Discourses, vol. 2, 40.

Everyone is burning in the fire…Spiritual Letters, 79:46.

In a place where mind and matter…Spiritual Gems, 233:148.

Pleasures from external objects…Bhagavad Gita, V:22.

Liberty means responsibility… “Liberty”. Cited in Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 497.

Develop the power to withdraw…Spiritual Gems, 120–121:89. Italics added by Esponda.

The power within is not ignorant…Spiritual Gems, 73:47.

One does not become a satsangi…The Science of the Soul, 181:1.

Mind is the deadliest of foes…Die to Live, 11.

Intellect is a great barrier in our way…Die to Live, 60:27.

Relentlessly and restlessly, the mind…Die to Live, 11.

While the mind derives its life-force…Discourses on Sant Mat, 274.

Satsangis should form the habit…The Science of the Soul, 189:18.

If the doors of perception were cleansed… “A Memorable Fancy”, pl.14. Cited in Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 88.

Open your eyes…Epictetus: The Art of Living: A New Interpretation by Sharon Lebell, 7.

Happiness and freedom begin with…Epictetus: The Art of Living: A New Interpretation by Sharon Lebell, 3.

Within the body He Himself resides… Adi Granth, 754.

What has happened…Kulliyat Bulleh Shah, 270:124, translated in Bulleh Shah: The Love-Intoxicated Iconoclast.

union is achieved… See How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali, 11.

One day I wiped out all notions…The Little Zen Companion, 187.

When the desire for the Friend…Nobody, Son of Nobody, 39:210.

Chapter 2: Priorities, attitude and effort
Seek ye first the kingdom of God… Bible, Matthew 6:33.

a servant who is sent by a king… Based on an account by Rumi. See Discourses of Rumi, 26.

To know that enough is enough… See Tao Te Ching, XLVI:105.

Do not waste time uselessly…Spiritual Letters, 168:111.

This constant feeling of loneliness…Quest for Light, 6:10.

All the misfortunes of men…The Translation of Pensées, tr. L. Brunschvicg, 5th ed., 1909, ii:139. Cited in Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 369.

The realization of the deception…Die to Live, 11.

Things that matter most… Widely attributed to Goethe in online sites, but unable to confirm or find book reference. Retrieved 3 December, 2003, from www.toinspire.com/author. asp?author=Goethe.

Put all your worries aside…Spiritual Letters, 169:111.

Nothing is true and nothing is false…Fabulas, 25.

To live in that atmosphere…Die to Live, 207.

Do your work, then withdraw… See Tao Te Ching, IX:35.

Lord Krishna advises his disciple…Bhagavad Gita, III:7–11.

Most high, almighty, good Lord…Francisco de Asis, 224–225.

Let Him accomplish things…The Science of the Soul, 189:19.

It is the business and duty…Spiritual Gems, 321–322:200. Italics added by Esponda.

The Master is waiting inside…Spiritual Gems, 96:65.

Strive, struggle, grapple and wrestle… Quoted in Schotel, “It’s the Effort That Makes the Difference”, Science of the Soul, p. 27.

taking tea at auntie’s house…Kabir Sakhi Sangrah, 43:1, translated in Kabir: the Weaver of God’s Name.

Sant Mat teaching is very simple…Die to Live, 236:298.

Our prayers and pleadings…The Science of the Soul, 198:39.

The first essential thing…Spiritual Gems, 249:157. Italics in original book.

If you take one step to take refuge…Kabitt Svaiyye, 46.

The aim should always be to increase…The Science of the Soul, 159:70.

Unless we discipline our mind…Die to Live, 72:37.

If we get time in the morning…Spiritual Discourses, vol. 2, 220.

Master Sawan Singh used to say… Cited by Master Charan Singh in Die to Live, 256:332.

If you force your mind to meditate…Die to Live, 72:37.

The journey of a thousand miles… See Tao Te Ching, LXIV:137.

I am well aware that you have struggles…Spiritual Gems, 239:152.

Do what you can as best you can…Light on Sant Mat, 37.

Our deepest fear is…A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles, 219–220. Note that while this passage is widely attributed to Nelson Mandela’s 1994 inaugural speech, our research indicates that it is from the above-referenced title and was not quoted in Mandela’s inaugural speech.

But Jesus beheld them… Bible, Matthew 19:26.

You just call out my name… “You’ve got a Friend” from Tapestry (New York: Screen Gems, Columbia Music, Inc., 1971).

Chapter 3: Meditation is a way of life
Meditation is a way of life…Die to Live, 206.

Life is what happens to you… “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” from Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon, (New York: Capitol Records, 1998).

What will we wear… See Bible, Luke 12:22–25.

View’d from eternity, existence is …A Modern Imitation of Christ, 183–184.

There is something wrong with us…Die to Live, 95–96:69.

All work is his work…Spiritual Letters, 132:84.

No man is an island, entire of itself…John Donne, Dean of St. Paul’s, Complete Poetry and Selected Prose, 537–539.

The worldly obligations you are fulfilling…Spiritual Letters, 95:59.

Withdrawing our consciousness…Die to Live, 93–94:68.

Having once contacted it…Die to Live, 16.

Once the mind becomes fond of listening…Divine Light, 142.

positive psychological and physiological effects… For a review of research on this subject, see Murphy, M. and S. Donovan, The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation.

We should not be seeking…The Practice of the Presence of God, 48:2.

Meditation is nothing but a preparation…Die to Live, 137:137.

I die daily… Bible, 1 Corinthians 15:31.

What a blessing it would be… Quoted in Die to Live, 25.

Whatever the state of mind…Bhagavad Gita, VIII:6.

Die to live…Die to Live, 135:133.

Your breath is like a drumbeat…Sar Bachan Poetry, 197. ‘Radha Soami’ is the name with which Master Shiv Dayal Singh of Agra, known as Soami Ji Maharaj, designated the Supreme Being.

Chapter 4: The source of love and devotion
Were it not for His grace…Die to Live, 32.

The Master not only guides…Die to Live, 23.

Our real Master is the Word…Die to Live, 21.

He that hath seen me… Bible, John 14:9.

Within me the Father has revealed… Adi Granth, 1141.

You can build love and devotion…Die to Live, 63:29.

The only way to strengthen love…Die to Live, 63:29.

The heart has its reasons…The Translations of Pensées, tr. L. Brunschvicg, 5th ed., 1909, iv:277. Cited in Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 369.

Love came and emptied me of self…Nobody, Son of Nobody, 13:65.

Emotions are all right if…Die to Live, 107:87.

When the celestial war drum…Kabir Sakhi Sangrah, 20–21, translated in Kabir, The Great Mystic.

The strongest warrior is… Aztec saying.

Love is always within…Die to Live, 107:86.

People think that by running…Spiritual Heritage, 60. Disciples of Soami Ji of Agra and his successors often greet each other by saying “Radha Soami”, the term used for the Supreme Being.

Running after the physical form…Die to Live, 107:86.

Nevertheless I tell you… Bible, John 16:7.

Commenting on this quote…Light on Saint John, 205.

May your Love of the Form…Legacy of Love, 547.

The purpose of the physical form…Spiritual Heritage, 156.

A thousand miles away…Abyat-i-Bahu, 169, translated in Sultan Bahu.

Your desire to visit India…Spiritual Gems, 203:141. Brahmand designates the entire created sphere, from the most subtle mental realms to the gross physical realms. Trikuti refers to the stage in the inner journey where the soul sheds its gross coverings. Sach Khand is the realm of pure spirit, the true home of the soul.

Chapter 5: The practice of meditation
Be still, and know that I am God… Bible, Psalms 46:10.

Sitting quietly, doing nothing… Zen saying.

Meditation means trying to hold…Die to Live, 44:7.

Concentrate on keeping your mind…The Practice of the Presence of God, 63–64.

The third eye is the seat of the mind…Spiritual Discourses, vol. 1. 180–181.

When you close your eyes…Die to Live, 115–116:98.

Answering your question as to the best way…Spiritual Gems, 241–243:154. Italics added by Esponda.

Unless we withdraw our attention…Die to Live, 15.

The first step, then, is to withdraw…Die to Live, 16.

So long as we remain away from…Divine Light, 63.

Your wildest dreams or imaginings…Spiritual Gems, 226–227:147.

It is possible to pray at all times… Quoted in The Way of the Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way, 199.

Please make no attempt…Spiritual Gems, 309:198.

There is no mode of life in the world…The Practice of the Presence of God, 48:2.

One who accustoms himself…The Way of the Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way, 9.

No one can describe the glory…Sar Bachan Poetry, 233.

No one should give the answer… Quoted in The Way of the Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way, 199.

Persons who repeat the holy names… Quoted by Master Sawan Singh in Philosophy of the Masters, vol.1, 71. “Whenever the people sit they are surrounded by angels and covered by mercy, and there descends upon them tranquillity as they remember Allah.” Hadith, Sahih Muslim, 35:6505.

I keep myself in His presence…The Practice of the Presence of God, 55:5.

You do not need to speak out loud… Qur’an, 20:7–8.

Sugar, buffalo milk and chocolates … The actual quote is: “Sugar, molasses, honey and buffalo milk are all sweet, but they equal not the Lord.” Adi Granth, 1379.

O Beloved! I have heard many a tale … Quoted in Philosophy of the Masters, vol.1, 89.

When your concentration…Spiritual Gems, 308:198.

On a dark night, Inflamed by love…San Juan de la Cruz, 33–34.

Bhajan simply means attending…Philosophy of the Masters, vol.1, 94.

Your attention may remain focused…Spiritual Letters, 112:70.

When you sit in bhajan…Spiritual Letters, 74–75:44.

Devotion to the Shabd…Philosophy of the Masters, Abridged, 214–215.

The soul has penetrated…Shabdavali, vol. 2, 11:28, translated in Tulsi Sahib, The Saint of Hathras.

You are not imagining things…Light on Sant Mat, 305:298.

Brave is he who has control…Dawn of Light, 162:60.

I can tell you one thing: just attend…Die to Live, 270–271:353.

For further reflection
This world is perishable…Sar Bachan, 3.

To subjugate the mind…Spiritual Letters, 73–74:44.

An ounce of practice…The Science of the Soul, 181.

I am surprised at the people of this world…Sartha Tukaram Gatha, 1496, translated in Tukaram, The Ceaseless Song of Devotion.

In the beginning, we have to make…The Practice of the Presence of God, 73.

There’s no set prayer…Die to Live, 40:4.

The light on your face…Nobody, Son of Nobody, 15:81.

The minute I heard…The Essential Rumi, 106.