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Being Vegetarian

By Rebecca Hammons

Questions and choices

Who, What and Why
What does ‘vegetarian’ mean anyway?
Why be vegetarian?
Five basic benefits

Vegetarianism: A Healthy Way of Life
Lowering the risk of chronic diseases
Basic body design: built to be herbivores
What about dairy products?
How do we get our protein?

Let’s Get Practical
FAQs about being vegetarian
Vegan and vegetarian athletes
Hidden in plain sight: animal ingredients in surprising foods

The Web of Family and Society
Gathering around the table
A different view

Environmental Impacts
What’s important?
Is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” enough?
Quenching our thirst for water
Raising livestock = razing rainforests
A stinky business
The fishing industry
An alternative: vegetarian, organic, and unprocessed

Ethical Issues
What are ethics and why bother with them?
Life and death in a factory farm and slaughterhouse

Living as a Vegetarian
Three times a day plus snacks!
Navigating social situations
An elevator pitch
Getting medical advice
Business meals
Raising vegetarian children
Will my child be healthy without meat?
Children – their friends and their food

A Spiritual Perspective


Contact and General Information

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