Jag Jiwan Saacha Eko Daata

This is a satsang by Maharaj Charan Singh based on a shabad from the writings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak says that in this creation no one is our enemy. All of us are equal as the creator has created this creation and He himself is present in all of us. He is present in all Yugas (eras) and in all living beings. We can call someone bad if someone else had created them. Thus if we dislike or hate anyone we in fact hate the lord. The teachings of the Saints are the same for all people. It is we who have divided ourselves into different castes, nations, etc. We can achieve union with Him only through the practice of Naam (listening to the shabd, the sound current) under the guidance of a Satguru (true spiritual teacher).

Length: 89 minutes
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