Mittar Tera Koi Nahin Sangian Mein

This is a satsang by Maharaj Charan Singh based on a shabad from the writings of Soami Ji Maharaj. In this shabad Soami Ji explains that no one is your friend in this creation. All your friends and relatives cling to you for their own personal gain. Do not remain asleep amongst these dacoits (thieves). Wealth and riches will not accompany you; they will all be left behind. You will not get this priceless human body so easily again. Meet a Satguru (true spiritual teacher) and follow his instructions. With the help of your spiritual practice (meditation) rise above this world, otherwise Kal (the power that administers the rewards or punishments for our karmas) will take charge, and you will have to face the fires of hell. Hurry up, because you do not know what will happen in the next moment.

Length: 66 minutes
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