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The Journey of the Soul

This colourfully illustrated picture book for young children graphically tells the story of the soul's separation from its divine source at the time of the creation. The souls, illustrated as individual drops, are sent out from the divine ocean of love into the creation, take on bodies, and become part of the cycle of life. The book illustrates how we are all children of the same Father and that we should love one another and all of God's creation. It ends by explaining how God sends his own Great Power, mercy and Love into the world in the form of a Master to awaken us to our true home and guide us back into the Ocean of Light, where the drops merge back and live in happiness, peace and bliss forever and ever.

Author: Victoria Parker Jones
Category: Books for Children
Format: Hardcover, 52 Pages
Edition: 5th. 2004
ISBN: 978-81-8466-418-8
RSSB: EN-197-0

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