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Empower Women

An Awakening

By Leena Chawla Rajan

Be the change you want
to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi



Valuing the Women in Our Lives
Her role in society
Her role in the economy
Her role in the family
Her unique feminine qualities

Her Current Condition
A snapshot of inequality

The Consequences of Our Actions
Impact on women
Impact on children
Impact on men
Increased crime in society
Increased social instability and unrest

What Choices Are We Making?
As a society?
As a family?
As individuals?

The Spiritual Perspective
Upsetting the balance in nature
Aligning our actions with our goals
The essential equality of women
Taking a life
Hurting another human being
Putting limits on our wants
The consequences of our actions
Living in the will of the Lord
Our essential divinity

Old Traditions Can Be Broken
Why do women hurt women?
Who is responsible for this crisis?
What is the solution?
Changing women’s attitude towards themselves
Changing men’s attitude towards women
Becoming catalysts of change

Empowering Women

An Awakening

Wake up, my Friend

A Final Note: Murder on a Mass Scale
1. The Scale of the Crisis
2. Implementing the Law of the Land
3. The Reality on the ground – a Cry for help

Gift of Life

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