Latest Official RSSB Information

Latest Official RSSB Information

During this period of global shutdowns and closures, we will post important RSSB official information on this website. Please check here periodically for new information.

RSSB is a non-profit spiritual organization, which funds its operations through unsolicited donations. The organization doesn’t engage in any fund raising activities. However, it has made provision for giving online sewa only for the convenience of sangat and not for solicitation. Chief Accounts Officer (CAO), RSSB is the main contact person for this, whose contact email is sewa


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UPDATE: 10 JULY 2020
Cancellation of the Master’s Satsang programs until end December, 2020

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, and out of concern for the health and safety of the sangat, all of the Master’s scheduled satsang programs at Dera, Beas and at the Satsang Centres in India are cancelled from now until the end of December, 2020. Consequently Naam Daan at Dera, Beas and at Centres in India will also not take place. The Dera will remain closed to all sangat and visitors until 31 December 2020.
India’s largest COVID-19 facility, Sardar Patel Covid Centre in Chhatarpur, is now operational.
EssayWhat’s Important in Life?
EssayWho Is Pushing Our Swing

Report from Dera:
The Coronavirus outbreak in India has prompted Radha Soami Satsang Beas to make its facilities available to the Government of India and the District Administrations. In Delhi a 10,000 bed facility has been set up; in Nagpur a 5,000 bed facility; in Ulhasnagar a 1,000 bed facility; and in Mumbai a 300 bed facility. Sewadars will look after the basic infrastructure requirements.
Story from the UN Civil Society COVID-19 Response:
Story about Radha Soami Satsang Beas Covid-19 response. RSSB has consultative status with the UN ECOSOC.

Newspaper Article:
New Delhi: More than 1,000 sewadars of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) will be involved in the cooking and packing of 100,000 meals on a daily basis when the temporary Covid Care Centre, set up in the organisation’s Chhatarpur branch, is occupied to its capacity of 10,200 patients.
Spiritual Link: July/August 2020 Issue

EssayNo Better Time

UPDATE: 28 JUNE 2020
Union Home Minister and Delhi Chief Minister visit the world’s largest Covid Care Centre. Amit Shah and Arvind Kejriwal toured the facility set up at the Radha Soami Satsang Beas campus at Chhatarpur, New Delhi.
Newspaper Article: Amit Shah, Kejriwal visit the COVID-19 Care Centre at the Radha Soami Beas Centre in Chhatarpur, New Delhi.
Newspaper Article: Amit Shah, Kejriwal visit the COVID-19 care facility in Delhi’s Chhatarpur area to review the arrangements.

UPDATE: 28 JUNE 2020
SatsangFeeding the Flame of Love
EssayLive Life As Life Lives Itself

UPDATE: 25 JUNE 2020
Change in Video schedule: Starting July 1,
there will be a change in the Website and YouTube video upload schedule.
RSSB Official YouTube = YT-1
Beas Satsang YouTube = YT-2

Tuesday (YT-2)
English Language Satsang
Wednesday (YT-2)
Dera Indian-language Satsang
Friday (YT-1)
Inspirational Thought
Saturday (YT-1)
Q & A with GSD
Sunday (YT-1)
Hazur Maharaj Ji’s Punjabi Satsang
with English Captions

UPDATE: 24 JUNE 2020
EssayTouch of Grace

UPDATE: 23 JUNE 2020
VIDEO: 10,000-bed Covid facility at Radha Soami Satsang Beas centre in Delhi to open on 1 July

The facility is spread over 70 acres (over 22 football fields) in Chhatarpur, and will have biodegradable beds, 500 urinals, 450 bathing rooms, oxygen facilities and wheelchairs. Food will also be provided by the RSSB.
UPDATE: 23 JUNE 2020
Newspaper Article:
10,000-bed Covid facility at Radha Soami Satsang Beas centre in Delhi to open on 1 July
UPDATE: 21 JUNE 2020
EssayWhat, Me Worry?
EssayAll Dressed Up and Ready to Dance

UPDATE: 17 JUNE 2020
EssaySelf-Reflection in Times of Disruption
EssayWake Up

UPDATE: 14 JUNE 2020
EssayLove is a Verb

UPDATE: 10 JUNE 2020
EssayThe Joy of Solitude

New VideoThe Privilege of Seva
is a short documentary video on how RSSB sevadars lovingly responded to the COVID19 pandemic to help their fellow brothers and sisters. Under the guidance of the present Master, RSSB Satsang Centres throughout India opened their doors and hearts to assist a flood of struggling humanity in a time of need.
SatsangMy Satguru
EssayLove Reigns Supreme

EssayResponding to Stress

UPDATE: 01 JUNE 2020
Change in Video schedule: There has been a change in the video upload schedule starting on Tuesday. Please see below the new schedule.
RSSB Official YouTube = YT-1
Beas Satsang YouTube = YT-2
Tuesday (YT-2)
Dera Indian-language Satsang
Wednesday (YT-1)
Q&A with GSD
Thursday (YT-2)
Dera Indian-language Satsang
Friday (YT-2)
English Language Satsang
Saturday (YT-1)
Q&A with GSD

UPDATE: 31 MAY 2020
EssayUse It to Go to God
EssayBeyond Judgment

UPDATE: 27 MAY 2020
SatsangTwo Faces of Creation

Covid-19 Special Report
- As a Special Consultant to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Radha Soami Satsang Beas has made a formal report to the United Nations outlining the activity undertaken by RSSB to provide disaster relief in India to those affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic.
UPDATE: 24 MAY 2020
New video — A new video is now available on the RSSB website and on the RSSB Official YouTube channel. The video is titled: Q & A with GSD.

UPDATE: 24 MAY 2020
SatsangIn the Stream of the Friend
EssayThe Gift of Fear

UPDATES: 22 MAY 2020
Cancellation of Satsang Program in Beas on Sunday, June 28th and Sunday, July 5th, 2020.

Due to the continuing coronavirus restrictions the satsang program scheduled in Dera, Beas on Sunday, June 28th and Sunday, July 5th has been cancelled.

Cancellation of the Satsang Program in Haynes Park, UK on August 14, 15, and 16, 2020.
Due to the continuing coronavirus restrictions, the satsang program scheduled in Haynes Park, UK on August 14, 15, and 16 has been cancelled.

Visits to Dera, Beas during 2020
It is uncertain whether the Dera can re-open to visitors during 2020 due to the Coronavirus situation. Therefore, until further notice, the accommodation systems for both Indian & NRI Accommodations and Hostel 6 will remain closed. Up-to-date information can be found on the “Latest Official RSSB Information” page on the RSSB website,
UPDATE: 20 MAY 2020
SatsangBalance and Stillness

UPDATE: 17 MAY 2020
EssaySomething Is Missing
EssayButter, Rope, $20, and Happiness

UPDATE: 13 MAY 2020
Video: 5000-bed COVID-19 Care Centre set up at Radha Soami Satsang Beas in Nagpur, India
Nagpur (Maharashtra), May 12 (ANI): The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), with the help of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) Trust has set up one of the country’s biggest quarantine centre for Coronavirus patients at Radha Soami Satsang Beas complex in Fetri village. The 5000-bed COVID-19 Care Centre, which is located 15 km from the city, is going to be used for quarantine facility and screening. It was completed in a span of just 8 days. Manish Soni, PRO of NMC said that this is the biggest quarantine centre in Maharashtra and one of the biggest in India. The Radha Soami Satsang Beas Centres are spacious and well equipped with hygienic kitchens and clean washrooms. Radha Soami Satsang Beas has provided mattresses, potable water and food for the patients. The NMC will provide doctors, health workers, beddings and utensils. Nagpur city, so far, has 35 quarantine centres with a capacity to house 10,000 patients. Maharashtra is the worst affected state in the country by Coronavirus with over 23,000 positive cases. In Nagpur city, 259 positive cases are registered till Tuesday, May 12th.

UPDATE: 13 MAY 2020
Misinformation: Users of WhatsApp and other social media platforms continue to send false, inaccurate, and purposely misleading information concerning RSSB and its activities. The sangat has been informed many times to ignore all information received from such sources. Yet the sangat continues to pass these false messages to many friends and family with complete abandon. They even pass on messages they know are false.

Only the Overseas Satsang Centres (OSC) department is authorized to inform the sangat abroad of any and all official RSSB information. It does so by sending information directly to the Chairpersons and Representatives of all countries. In addition, this Latest Official RSSB Information Page on our official Website has been set up with the purpose of informing the global sangat of all important official information, as well as new satsangs, essays, and other material available on this Website and on our Official YouTube Channels.

Clarification of Fake Donation Message: Recently several WhatsApp messages with false and misleading information have gone viral. The latest is what appears to be a solicitation for donations in the name of the Chief Accounts Officer RSSB with instructions for sending sewa donations to RSSB and other affiliated societies. We wish to clarify that RSSB has an official global policy of never soliciting donations. Since this fake WhatsApp message is contrary to RSSB’s official policy, the sangat is advised not to pay any heed to it and refrain from sharing it with others.

UPDATE: 13 MAY 2020
EssayThe Wisdom of the Virus

UPDATE: 10 MAY 2020
Satsang - Patience
EssayA Change of Perspective

UPDATE: 7 MAY 2020
English Satsangs will now be available on the Additional Official RSSB YouTube Channel
: On May 5th Dera announced the new YouTube Channel for Indian-language satsangs given at Dera. Dera has now added English-language satsangs as well beginning this Sunday, May 10th. On every Wednesday & Sunday both an Indian-language satsang and an English-language satsang will both be uploaded. (No translations will be offered for these satsangs.)
UPDATE: 07 MAY 2020
SatsangDenial and Acceptance
EssayDo We Need a Minister of Loneliness?

UPDATE: 5 MAY 2020
Additional Official RSSB YouTube Channel
: Dera has launched an additional YouTube Channel called “Beas : Satsang” showing the morning Indian-language satsangs being delivered at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh during this period of COVID-19 restrictions. Satsangs delivered by Dera satsang kartas (speakers) will be uploaded every week on Wednesdays and Sundays. The satsangs are mostly in Punjabi with an occasional satsang in Hindi. These videos are intended for streaming and not for downloading. Since these videos are meant only for this short period until normal satsangs resume, there will be no translations of these videos.
UPDATE: 3 MAY 2020
SatsangLove Defined
EssayThe Meaning of Satsang

UPDATE: 1 MAY 2020
English Translations of Shabad Collection 1
are now available online on our RSSB Website and on the RSSB Official YouTube Channel. After selecting a shabad to play from Collection 1 on our website, click “English Translation” in the audio player window and the translation will appear. When playing a shabad from Collection 1 on our YouTube Channel, click on “SHOW MORE” below the description and you will see the translation.
UPDATE: 1 MAY 2020
Spiritual Link: May/June 2020 Issue

EssayTransforming Prison into a Refuge
EssayWhat Is Our Perspective on Life?

Essay - Happiness Is Available Right Now
Essay - Shabd Amrit Dhara

– A video sponsored by the Karnal District Government, Haryana. “Measures to Combat COVID-19: Provision of Shelter Homes for Migrant Labourers” in Karnal District.
Satsang - Very Beauteous Is the Body-Bride
Essay - Time and Opportunity

New Photograph of Baba Ji
– A new photograph of Baba Ji has been released. Click on the link or see it on the website at: Audio/Video/Photos/Photographs. It is also available for download.
Satsang - A Hero's Journey
Essay - Thoughts from Lockdown

15 APRIL 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/16/20
The Cancellation of Satsang Programs in India for May 2020

  • Due to the continuing health crisis in India and abroad caused by COVID-19, the Master has taken the following decisions in the interest of the sangat.
  • The satsang program scheduled in Solan on May 9 & 10 has been cancelled.
  • The satsang program scheduled for Dera, Beas, on May 17, 24, & 31 has been cancelled.
  • Naam Daan at Dera, Beas in May has also been cancelled.
  • The restriction on entering Dera remains in effect. The sangat from India and abroad are requested not to attempt to visit Dera during this period.

It is requested that everyone strictly follow the Master’s instructions.

Satsang: The Secret of Attention
Essay: The Coronavirus and Karma Theory

: Seva with Love: Preparing Packed Meals – A short video documenting the meal packing seva at Dera. Over 125,000 meals are prepared at Dera every day and sent to nearby villages. At Satsang Centres all across India approximately 12 lakh (1.2 million) meals are prepared each day and served to those in need.
Satsang: Trusting Mystery
Essay: The World Has Come to a Full Stop

UPDATE: 5 April 2020
Newspaper Article: “COVID-19 crisis: Radha Soami Satsang Beas prepares food for 12 lakh people (1.2 million) per day across India”

Newspaper Article: “Do not insist on going home, we will win your hearts with sewa.”
Radha Soami comes to the aid of the district administration during these difficult times of the lockdown. Refuge given to 1,000 migrants.

Audio Books - These three Audio Books are taken from the latest editions of RSSB publications. Over time we will continue to add recordings of more books. These recordings can be downloaded and stored on your portable devices for more convenient listening.

Essay: Dera’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Newspaper Articles: Two new newspaper articles have been added reporting on RSSB’s contributions in providing help and support to the general public during this coronavirus situation.
Newspaper Articles – Several recent newspaper articles about RSSB have been added to the Newspaper Article page which can be found under the “NEW” tab or under the “HOME” tab on the website.

27 MARCH 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/13/20
Subject: New items on RSSB Website and Official YouTube Channel

To all countries abroad,

Inspirational Thought (video) - A new Inspirational Thought video will be put up every week on Friday morning (GMT) on the website and on YouTube. In about 60 seconds, these short video clips give an “inspirational thought” that we can all reflect on. The English-language videos are taken from Maharaj Charan Singh’s Question & Answer sessions with English-speaking disciples. The Punjabi-language videos are taken from Maharaj Ji’s Punjabi satsangs. Both language videos have English and Hindi subtitles. Each new video will be added to the collection and can be played from the list at any time.

The following are the latest additions to the RSSB Website and our Official RSSB YouTube Channel:

RSSB Website
Latest Official RSSB Information
NEW Menu Tab: The NEW tab provides links to all new additions

Publications/Satsangs & Essays:
Satsang: Rumi on Meditation
Satsang: Freedom from Misconceptions
Essay: Advice from the Master in Times of Upheaval

RSSB Website & Official RSSB YouTube:
Inspirational Thought (Video)
Video: What is there to Feel Tense About? (A 60 second video with a special message for today and for always; taken from Hazur’s trips to the USA.
Video: Inspirational Thought (The first video in the new weekly series.)

24 MARCH 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/12/20
1. Latest Dera Information to be posted on our RSSB Website
2. Beware of Fake Information Posing as Official

During this period of global shutdowns and closures, including most of the satsang centres in India and abroad, it is a challenge getting the latest official information from the Dera to the members of the sangat. To help improve this situation we will now post important information on our official RSSB website, You will find a link at the top of the Homepage: Latest Official RSSB Information

Click the link and it will take you to the Information Page. Here the sangat can find the latest information sent by Dera for the sangat abroad. You may check the website periodically for any new information. In addition, we will continue to send all important information directly to all Chairpersons and Representatives, who will do their best to distribute it to the sangat as they normally do.

IMPORTANT: We wish to bring to everyone’s attention the fact that the internet and many social media sites, particularly WhatsApp, often spread wrong and misleading information concerning RSSB and its activities. Recently a fake letter was being heavily circulated among satsangis. The perpetrator of this forgery copied the Dera letterhead and even copied the Master’s signature and wrote a poorly worded letter in bad English. Yet satsangis were confused. Dera requests that if you do not receive information through your Chairperson, Representative, local Secretary, or see it posted on our official RSSB Website, then you can assume it is not official and not to be trusted.

The sangat is strongly requested not to pass information on to others that comes from unofficial sources. Do not become a link in the chain of disinformation.

20 MARCH 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/11/20
Subject: Should not use internet or other means for satsang

Since the closing of satsangs in many countries around the world, I have been receiving emails asking if it is okay to set up satsang via internet/social media/or phone conference calls. Dera has never been in favour of this. During this relatively short period that satsangs will be cancelled, there is plenty of spiritual inspiration that can be taken from all the Sant Mat books, from our website:, and from our official RSSB YouTube channel. Our website has many interesting Articles, eBooks, Essays, and Satsangs; as well as Hazur’s Questions & Answers, over 600 shabads, audio & video recordings of satsangs, and several devotional movies. We are continuing to add more material all the time.

Many of you may have heard that Dera has stopped all satsangs on the pandal to protect the sangat from the spreading of the coronavirus. For the time being Dera will use its already existing internal cable TV network (used for showing Indian TV channels to Dera residents) to show satsang every morning, delivered by a local Punjabi speaker and pathi. This is only available within Dera for the Dera residents. This is unique to Dera and not something that can be copied nor should it be.