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During this period of global shutdowns and closures, including most of the satsang centres in India and abroad, we will now post important information here on this website in addition to Dera’s normal procedure of distributing such information through all Chairpersons and Representatives. You may check here periodically for any new information.

UPDATE: 2 April 2020
Audio Books - These three Audio Books are taken from the latest editions of RSSB publications. Over time we will continue to add recordings of more books. These recordings can be downloaded and stored on your portable devices for more convenient listening.

UPDATE: 1 April 2020
Essay: Dera’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Newspaper Articles: Two new newspaper articles have been added reporting on RSSB’s contributions in providing help and support to the general public during this coronavirus situation.
UPDATE: 29 March 2020
Newspaper Articles – Several recent newspaper articles about RSSB have been added to the Newspaper Article page which can be found under the “NEW” tab or under the “HOME” tab on the website.

27 March 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/13/20
Subject: New items on RSSB Website and Official YouTube Channel

To all countries abroad,

Inspirational Thought (video) - A new Inspirational Thought video will be put up every week on Friday morning (GMT) on the website and on YouTube. In about 60 seconds, these short video clips give an “inspirational thought” that we can all reflect on. The English-language videos are taken from Maharaj Charan Singh’s Question & Answer sessions with English-speaking disciples. The Punjabi-language videos are taken from Maharaj Ji’s Punjabi satsangs. Both language videos have English and Hindi subtitles. Each new video will be added to the collection and can be played from the list at any time.

The following are the latest additions to the RSSB Website and our Official RSSB YouTube Channel:

RSSB Website
Latest Official RSSB Information
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Publications/Satsangs & Essays:
Satsang: Rumi on Meditation
Satsang: Freedom from Misconceptions
Essay: Advice from the Master in Times of Upheaval

RSSB Website & Official RSSB YouTube:
Inspirational Thought (Video)
Video: What is there to Feel Tense About? (A 60 second video with a special message for today and for always; taken from Hazur’s trips to the USA.
Video: Inspirational Thought (The first video in the new weekly series.)

24 March 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/12/20
1. Latest Dera Information to be posted on our RSSB Website
2. Beware of Fake Information Posing as Official

During this period of global shutdowns and closures, including most of the satsang centres in India and abroad, it is a challenge getting the latest official information from the Dera to the members of the sangat. To help improve this situation we will now post important information on our official RSSB website, You will find a link at the top of the Homepage: Latest Official RSSB Information

Click the link and it will take you to the Information Page. Here the sangat can find the latest information sent by Dera for the sangat abroad. You may check the website periodically for any new information. In addition, we will continue to send all important information directly to all Chairpersons and Representatives, who will do their best to distribute it to the sangat as they normally do.

IMPORTANT: We wish to bring to everyone’s attention the fact that the internet and many social media sites, particularly WhatsApp, often spread wrong and misleading information concerning RSSB and its activities. Recently a fake letter was being heavily circulated among satsangis. The perpetrator of this forgery copied the Dera letterhead and even copied the Master’s signature and wrote a poorly worded letter in bad English. Yet satsangis were confused. Dera requests that if you do not receive information through your Chairperson, Representative, local Secretary, or see it posted on our official RSSB Website, then you can assume it is not official and not to be trusted.

The sangat is strongly requested not to pass information on to others that comes from unofficial sources. Do not become a link in the chain of disinformation.

20 March 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/11/20
Subject: Should not use internet or other means for satsang

Since the closing of satsangs in many countries around the world, I have been receiving emails asking if it is okay to set up satsang via internet/social media/or phone conference calls. Dera has never been in favour of this. During this relatively short period that satsangs will be cancelled, there is plenty of spiritual inspiration that can be taken from all the Sant Mat books, from our website:, and from our official RSSB YouTube channel. Our website has many interesting Articles, eBooks, Essays, and Satsangs; as well as Hazur’s Questions & Answers, over 600 shabads, audio & video recordings of satsangs, and several devotional movies. We are continuing to add more material all the time.

Many of you may have heard that Dera has stopped all satsangs on the pandal to protect the sangat from the spreading of the coronavirus. For the time being Dera will use its already existing internal cable TV network (used for showing Indian TV channels to Dera residents) to show satsang every morning, delivered by a local Punjabi speaker and pathi. This is only available within Dera for the Dera residents. This is unique to Dera and not something that can be copied nor should it be.

9 March 2020
Ref. No.: PA/WC/OSC/08/20
Subject: Cancellation of Master’s March & April Satsang Programmes in India

Due to the continued spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in India, and in the interest and safety of the sangat in mind, the Master has cancelled the March/April Satsang Programme and Naam Daan in Dera. The Paror satsang scheduled for April 11 & 12 is also cancelled. For a complete up-to-date India satsang schedule go to the above Menu and click on: Satsang/India Satsang Information.

The entire sangat from India and abroad are requested not to visit Dera during this period.

Indian Accommodations will be closed to all visitors, both from India and abroad, during the months of March and April. Since there are no satsang programmes, there will be no accommodations.

NRI sevadars who had previously received permission to come for their pre-arranged sewa during the March satsang programme are now requested not to come to Dera. All such seva is now cancelled.

It is requested that everyone from abroad strictly follow the Master’s instructions.